Finding Meaning in Providing Peaceful Endings

At the end of almost every euthanasia that I have done – the client often asks me how euthanizing sick dogs & cats affects me. I’m always amazed that a human being can still find the emotional space to check in on me while they are in the midst of their own grief.

I can’t speak for every Veterinarian, but I do not find Euthanasia difficult. This is because, by the time I have arrived for the appointment, I have already spoken to the client several times. I have already familiarized myself with the pet’s health issues that has lead the family to seek end of life services in the first place. In many cases, the clients have already exhausted all other options before choosing to call me for help.

So when I say that, “euthanasia isn’t difficult for me” I can say that because I know that the help I am offering comes in the form of providing peace and a release from pain and suffering. I consider that a privilege and one of the most meaningful parts of my calling as a Veterinarian. There is a little sadness mixed in at times but then I think of life that pet lived and the joy they brought to their family. Soon the sadness is replaced with an overwhelming sense of gratitude because I am able to use my work to help pets and the humans who love them.