Preparing Your Feline Friend: Tips for a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

Several months ago a client called to say that they were going to be late because their cat was nowhere to be found. The owners describe their furry family member as the best cuddle bug ever: she was sweet, playful, and friendly except when she saw the carrier come out. Whenever she saw the carrier – she would hide.

Hiding due to fear/anxiety, stress etc, is not uncommon and these feelings can be experienced by both the pet and the pet parent. “At Your Service The Mobile Veterinarian” loves our feline patients so here are some tips to help you and your cat prepare for an upcoming visit with your mobile Vet:

  1. The Veterinary visit starts well before the Veterinarian arrives at your home and one of the first things that you want to do is purchase the right carrier. This is very important. We recommend the hard plastic carriers with the removal top.
  2. Make the carrier a part of your cat’s daily life. Get them used to it 🙂 It is important that the cat sees and comes in contact with the carrier even when they are not going to the Vet.
  3. Put their favorite toys/blankets inside the carrier. You may also give them tasty treats while inside the carrier. We recommend using lick-able, meaty, and smelly treats like Churo.
  4. Practice closing the door to the carrier and gradually increasing the amount of time your pet is kept in the carrier. Of course, don’t forget to give treats! We want to reward them with treats to 1) evoke positive feelings and 2) create a positive association with the carrier
  5. Ensure that the carrier (with cat inside) is located in a space like a bathroom before the mobile veterinarian arrives.
  6. Some cats still need calming medications such as Gabapentin in addition to the steps above. If you think your cat would benefit from this let us know. We would be happy to help 🙂