Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Happy Holidays!

This is a joyous time for so many pet parents! Unfortunately, it is also a time of great stress and anxiety when pets get into trouble.

Your house may be bustling with music, visitors, and the aroma from various dishes right now so it is difficult to keep a keen eye on Fluffy!

If you can’t supervise your pet as you normally would and it is difficult to keep them confined/separate from the holiday festivities then consider the following:

  1. Remove hazardous plants, foods etc., from your pet’s reach
  2. Quickly clean up decorations (i.e. tinsel, ribbons, wrapping paper etc)
  3. Instruct family members/guests not to feed your pet table scraps
  4. Watch those burning candles! Keep them away from pets (especially cats!)
  5. Pet proof your Christmas tree (i.e. unplug your tree lights when you can’t supervise your fur baby, be cautious of pine needles if you have a real tree, etc)

There are countless other holiday safety tips to consider. Please visit Holiday Safety Tips for Pets for more information.

If your pet is having a medical emergency please contact your local Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Happy Holidays

Dr. C